Prenatal Vitamins For Hair Growth

Prenatal vitamins for hair growth may be dangerous. Women have taken prenatal vitamins to help them increase hair growth. Many women who take prenatal vitamins do so without the intention of becoming pregnant. The danger lies in vitamin overdose including Vitamin A, D, E or K and Iron, any of which could lead to a life-threatening situation.


For people who wish to use prenatal vitamins for hair growth, consideration of other products may be beneficial. Eating a quality that is high in nutritional value will help to make hair grow at peak efficiency.


Prenatal Vitamins For Hair Growth – Alternative Methods:

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Prenatal Vitamins For Hair Growth

Eating a healthy diet in one of the best ways to help your body produce hair in an efficient way without putting your life in danger. The hair growth process requires certain nutrients to be on hand so that the body can produce hair. Keratin is one such nutrient and also happens to be the primary ingredient that the body uses to make hair.


Keratin is a protein and as such can be found in foods that contain protein. Lean proteins such as chicken or pork are good sources of keratin. Nuts and seed foods such as walnuts or sunflower seeds are also a good source for keratin. Lean proteins are also a great source for essential proteins which help the body to form building blocks for specific jobs such as growing hair.


Biotin is an essentially a from of Vitamin B-7. Biotin can be found in salmon, liver, carrots, cauliflower, etc. Biotin is important because it helps the body to break down complex proteins into their basic forms. The body then uses biotin to help reconstruct chains of proteins and make them into something the body needs. An example would be Keratin.


Essential fatty acids are also a necessity hair growth. Essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 can be found in oil fish like salmon or cod. Essential fatty acids play an important role in helping to keep the hair shiny and strong. The oils help to hydrate the hair shaft and they work with the body to keep the scalp in good health.


Water is also a require component of our body. The body uses water for practically everything. Consider that the blood stream is made up of 92% water. A healthy circulatory system is critical for growing hair. Red blood cells are responsible for delivering oxygen to the hair follicles along with nutritional bits for the hair follicle to use when making hair. The red blood cells also pick up all of the cellular garbage and take it away for disposal. Clean and healthy cells work better to produce quality hair.


Prenatal Vitamins For Hair Growth – Conclusion:

While there is risk to taking prenatal vitamins, many people continue to use them for hair growth. The problem is that prenatal vitamins have higher doses of the daily recommend values for many of the vitamins that they contain. While they work like a multivitamin, they are stronger. They work well for women who are trying to become pregnant or who are pregnant because the body uses more of these vitamins during pregnancy. For the rest of us, it is better not to use prenatal vitamins for hair growth, but instead, to use a multivitamin and increase our dietary consumption of foods that contain the vitamins we are looking for.


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